We charge $33 per room for full service carpet cleaning.

If you need your stairs cleaned, we charge $33.

Hallways are $15, and walk-in closets are included.

All of our carpet cleaning prices include a powerful pre-spary treatment. We always clean using our commercial grade truck mounted steam cleaning units. We always clean your carpets use the Rotovac carpet cleaning tool. We have no hidden fees or charges.

We strive to be the very best carpet cleaners. Trust us with your carpets.

There are lots of less than honest carpet cleaners out there. We don’t want you to get ripped off by one of these scam artists. We provide free quotes and we promise that we will honor the quote that we give you. We don’t believe in hidden fees. Our technicians will never try to up sell you. We include everything that is needed to get your carpets cleaner.

Choose us for all of your carpet cleaning needs.

We are a full service carpet cleaning company. We use truck-mounted steam cleaning equipment and a Rotovac. As you may have heard the Rotovac is the premier tool for carpet cleaners. Some of our competitors still use the outdated wand tool. A wand cannot compare to the carpet cleaning abilities of a Rotovac. We use the Rotovac 360i to be specific. We have tested other machines and have found this one to be the best.