No job too big or too small, we do them all. We offer residential carpet cleaning as well as truck-mounted carpet cleaning in Phoenix, also Gilbert and Chandler. Arizona Carpet Cleaning is your trusted source for high-quality carpet cleaning services.
Let us be your carpet cleaners in Phoenix AZ.

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We know that there are a lot of carpet cleaners in Phoenix area that you have to choose from.  There are lots of reputable companies and lots of shady carpet cleaners.  We like to be upfront and honest with our customers.  Below you will find information that speaks in detail about our professional carpet cleaning process.  Throughout our site you will find explanations and yes, even our prices.  We encourage you to read through our site before making decision.  If you have any questions about how we clean carpets or how we do business, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.  We are the best carpet cleaners Phoenix wide and we would love to tell you why!

Guaranteed Phoenix Wide Carpet Cleaning

We use only the finest carpet cleaning solutions to ensure that your carpets come out fresh and clean.  We use high powered truck-mount steam cleaning machines.  Our unique cleaning process guarantees to sanitize your home flooring.  We are the best carpet cleaners Valley Wide and we can prove it.  We always clean using the Rotovac carpet cleaning machine.  This is by far the best carpet cleaning tool on the market today.  We only clean using a truck mounted hot water extraction system.  We are NOT the guys that show up with a portable Rug Doctor type machine.  We only use commercial carpet cleaning equipment and only the top of the line cleaning agents.

We use a 10-Step carpet cleaning process:

Step 1: Flooring Analysis

Before we ever begin any carpet cleaning work, we inspect each customer’s flooring.
After the initial inspection we will explain in detail the various ways to treat your flooring and what to expect when the job is done.
Our techs are upfront and honest, they won’t lie to you about the condition
of the carpet and our capabilities to make it look as good as possible.

Step 2: Vacuum Check

Loose soil is a large percentage of the dirt on your carpet.  As the best carpet cleaners Valley Wide we know how to get it out.
Dry soil has all sorts of nasty things in it such as pet dander, dead skin cells, and dust mites.
We always recommend vacuuming before any carpet cleaning.
The cleaner your carpets are before we begin, the cleaner they will be when we are finished.

Step 3: Pre-Conditioning

We always pre-treat the carpets that we clean.
By pre-treating your floors we will be able to clean up microscopic problems.
Some of the things that are taken care of with a carpet cleaning pre-treatment are allergens and bacteria.
We use professional products that attach to the contaminated soil, allowing us to remove it easier.

Step 4: Spot treatment

When you hire us as your carpet cleaners in Phoenix area we provide you with FREE spot treatment.
Dirty spots come in all shapes and sizes.
The type of spot determines which solutions our carpet cleaning technicians should use.
We have various methods to remove all types of spots in your carpet.
We always use green environmentally safe cleaning chemicals.

Step 5: Special Stain Treatment

Some spots are really tough.
Don’t worry, our carpet cleaners in Phoenix are experts at getting out spots.
Depending on what was spilled and how long it has been there, you may need special stain removal products.
Once an infringing spill bleeds through the dyes in the fiber they become very difficult to remove.
Some stains will not be able to be removed and we will inform you what to expect from a stain removal service.
Our techs are highly trained carpet stain removal experts.
We will do our very best to ensure that your stain disappears and stays gone.
The most common stains that we treat are pet urine stains.
We have specially formulated treatments that do a really good job of removing the stain and neutralizing the odor.

Step 6: Hot Water Extraction

At Arizona Carpet Cleaning we use some of the most powerful truck-mounted carpet cleaning machines available.
Our steam cleaning units heat up to 230 degrees effectively killing the germs and allergens in our carpet.
We spray your floors with superheated soft water and then use our powerful machine to extract that water right back up.

Step 7: Carpet Drying

Since we use such a powerful water extractor, you can expect a faster drying time than with most carpet cleaners in Phoenix area.
Depending on the type and age of your carpet the drying times can vary.
It is important to stay off of the recently cleaned carpet as much as possible while it is drying.
Your carpets will NOT be crunchy after our carpet cleaning service.

Step 8: Applying Carpet Protectant

After your carpets have been steamed cleaned, we offer the option to have a protectant applied to your freshly cleaned carpets.
This sealant will help your carpets stay clean for a longer period of time.
We recommend this treatment to all customers.
After carpet cleaning, we use a product made by 3m known as Scotch Gard as the protectant.

Step 9: Carpet Grooming

We offer an optional carpet grooming service.
With this service, our carpet cleaners use a specialized “carpet rake” to gently pull the fibers in your carpet away from each other.
This will help your carpets dry faster and ensure even drying.
this is a carpet cleaning service that you are interested in, please tell us when you book the appointment.

Step 10: Final Walk-Through

We want to ensure that every customer is completely satisfied.
At Arizona Carpet Cleaning we encourage our carpet cleaning customers to walk through the treated areas with our tech.
We want to make sure that the job was done to meet your expectations.
Our technicians are professional and do excellent work.
We will get your carpets cleaner than any other carpet cleaners.
We are certain that you will be amazed by how much better your carpets will look after a professional carpet cleaning
done by the best carpet cleaners Valley Wide.

Hire Us for Your Carpet Cleaning Needs

After spending the weekend vacuuming the carpets and upholstery, you look down with satisfaction at the clean, fresh look that the house has acquired and can pat yourself on the back for a job well done. But is your carpet really as clean as it looks?

Studies show that commercial carpet cleaning will not only remove dust on the surface but also get the dirt that is buried deep down.  These deep pockets are impervious to even the most powerful high-end vacuum cleaners. Over time, dirt accumulates growing bacteria and fungus that multiply and thrive.  You can be left with a health hazard on your hands.  Mere vacuuming is not enough, deep carpet cleaning is required to make those carpets germ free.

Of course, for the do it yourselfers, there are DIY kits that promise to help do the job.  The hassles of renting equipment, finding out how it works, using the right chemicals and soaps can be difficult for even the most enthusiastic person. Arizona Carpet Cleaning, the professional carpet cleaners Valley Wide, use only the best carpet cleaning products and can get your carpets cleaner than their competitors.  Our technicians are well trained and are certified on carpet cleaning procedures.

Arizona Carpet Cleaning is a company in the Phoenix area that offers 100% satisfaction. We are professional carpet cleaners with years of experience behind us. After all, we use powerful and modern equipment have been trained in the profession of carpet cleaning.  We can restore the luster to dirty carpets. Arizona Carpet Cleaning promises to remove spots and stains and remove odors of cigarette ash, and pet urine.

Carpets are delicate and the fibers need to be handled correctly.  Different fibers have to be treated in different ways.  It is not easy to find out which cleaning solvent or solution is suited for which fiber and even more difficult to know the nature of the fibers and how to use the solvent on it.  This can be tough, but professional carpet cleaners have an eye for these things and know right away what chemicals to use, how much to use and what technique to adopt for any kind of carpet cleaning.

Moreover, armed with the latest technology and know-how, professional cleaners are better positioned to offer quality services.  Always keeping customer needs and requirements the first priority.  Regular, professional carpet cleaning increases the life of your carpet.  A cleaner, healthier atmosphere is created after the best carpet cleaners have finished working in your home. The fact that you invest so much on carpeting is reason enough to ensure that they last long and always look as good as new.  The next time you need carpet cleaners in the Phoenix area, don’t hesitate to call the professional carpet cleaners, Arizona Carpet Cleaning,  and watch us swing into action with men and machines.

Carpet Cleaners in Phoenix

We pride ourselves on being the best carpet cleaners Valley Wide.  We always show up to do the best carpet cleaning job possible.  If you need a Carpet Rug Cleaning Service give us a call at (480) 737-2384.  We completely stand behind all of our carpet cleaners work.  When you hire us we will give you the best service that you have ever experienced. The customer always comes first at Arizona Carpet Cleaning.

Please explore our webpage so that you can learn all about what makes us the best carpet cleaners in Phoenix area.  We know that we are not the only carpet cleaners in the Valley but we do hope that you will choose us.  We strive hard to make all of our carpet cleaning customers are well taken care of.  We want to be the carpet cleaners that you hire for the rest of your life.  That’s right, we do such a good job that most of our customers are repeat customers!

It is very common that our customer will refer us to their friends and family that are in need of carpet cleaners in Phoenix and East Valley area.  We are a carpet cleaning company that is based out of Mesa but we do serve all most all Phoenix metro cities.  We never have a trip charge for any of our customers located in the east valley.  We are the preferred carpet cleaners for many professional businesses.  Yes, we are also commercial carpet cleaners in Phoenix Area.  We have many corporate customers.  We are the regular carpet cleaners in Phoenix for many restaurants hotels and other businesses.  If you have a business and want to know what it would cost to hire us as your commercial carpet cleaners please give us a call for a free over the phone quote.

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If you haven’t seen it yet, visit our Carpet Cleaners Homepage.  We also provide commercial carpet cleaning.  We are your local family operated Phoenix area Carpet Cleaners.

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