9 03, 2023

Say Goodbye to Dirty Grout: How to Effectively Clean Tile and Grout

March 9th, 2023|Tile|

Say goodbye to dirty grout. One of the biggest complaints people have about tile flooring is the grout. Grout picks up just about everything that is carried over it. With time, it starts to darken and not look as beautiful and dazzling as it was installed. At the same time, we recommend getting your grout [...]

24 10, 2022

Avoid These Common Grout Cleaning Mistakes

October 24th, 2022|Tile|

There are a few common mistakes that you can avoid when cleaning your tile and grout. Don't use steel wool or metal scouring pads because these can leave permanent marks on the tile. They can also scratch the tile. To avoid these mistakes, use a high-alkaline mop instead. A high-alkaline mop is more effective at [...]

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