Chandler Carpet Cleaning

Chandler Carpet Cleaning

Everything you need to know about Chandler carpet cleaning.  At Arizona Carpet Cleaning we show up, and show up on time.  We are prepared to clean your home or office in Chandler.  We offer both residential and commercial carpet cleaning services.  We do upholstery cleaning in Chandler or can even clean your tile and grout.  Do you have an RV or camping trailer that has dirty carpets or furniture?  Our mobile techs will come to where ever you store your camper and clean it.  Call us today, (480) 737-2384.

What is Flat Fare Chandler Carpet Cleaning?

That is what we call our pricing structure.  Other Chandler carpet cleaning companies make their money by selling you things that you don’t need.  We think that is wrong.  This is why we came up with our flat fare.  We have one amount that we charge.  That is $39 per room.  We add up the number of rooms to get your official amount.  That amount will not change after we have quoted it.  We do give out free quotes to all Chandler carpet cleaning customers.  We spend our time cleaning, not selling.  If you know someone who needs carpet cleaning Mesa Az, let us know.  We are a Chandler carpet cleaning company that is registered with the BBB.  We have no complaints.  We also have great Chandler carpet cleaning reviews on Yelp.

Chandler, Arizona general knowledge:

Chandler was founded by DR. AJ Chandler, the first veterinarian in Arizona.

Chandler is home to the very first golf course in Arizona, San Marcos.

Intel, Microchip and Motorola are some of the tech giants that have facilities in Chandler.

It is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States.

We serve all Zip codes in Chandler carpet cleaning with NO TRIP CHARGE.

85244, 85248, 85225, 85249, 85246, 85224, 85226, 85286.

If you want more about Chandler check  out the City of Chandler Official Website: