We service all surrounding cities in the Phoenix area including Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa , and Scottsdale.  If you need commercial carpet cleaning services, call us today!  We are your commercial carpet cleaning experts.  We provide free estimates.  We are certified, bonded and insured.

No commercial carpet cleaning job is too large or too small.  It does not matter if you have 1,000 square feet or 100,000 square feet, our commercial carpet cleaning crew will do a professional job.  We quote a very competitive rate.  Call the commercial carpet cleaning experts in Phoenix for a free no obligation quote.

Our phone number is (480) 737-2384.



We serve Mesa and Gilbert restaurants.  We clean mom and pop restaurants as well as nationwide chains.  It does not matter if you have one location or one hundred locations, we can serve you.



Maintaining clean carpets at your hotel or resort is important.  Your guests are judging everything about your hotel.  Do not let them be put off by dirty carpet.  We service small boutique hotels and large resort facilities.  We can clean the carpets in your common areas, hallways and guest rooms.  We offer great prices on hotel cleaning plans.



It is important to keep a retail store clean.  Retail stores are high traffic areas.  Commercial carpet cleaning is a priority.  We serve retail stores of all sizes.  We recommend cleaning on a regular basis.  Ask about our discounts.



We offer special rates to property management companies.  We service rental homes valley wide.  We carry our own water so it does not matter if the utilities are on.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Our phone number is
(480) 737-2384.

We know that running a business is expensive.  That is why we offer commercial carpet cleaning plans.  We can save you money!  We will clean quarterly for a low rate.  Ask about our quarterly plans.  If you want a one time cleaning we are happy to help with that.  We offer all cleaning methods. If you have any questions please call us.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We know that you need the best commercial carpet cleaning for your business. You need to protect your investment by extending the life of your carpet. Our facilities management strategy will help benefit your business. We are located in Mesa, AZ. We are owned and operated by Mesa residents. We provide commercial carpet cleaning in cities all around the Phoenix metro area including Gilbert, Mesa, Scottsdale, and Chandler. We are the #1 commercial carpet cleaners in the Valley.

We take pride in our commercial carpet cleaning for your business

  • Our commercial strength carpet deodorizers eliminate undesirable odors.
  • We use powerful industrial cleaning solutions to make your facility as fresh as possible.
  • After a quality business carpet cleaning, we add commercial strength carpet protection. This solution will help your carpet stay clean. Carpet protector is safe for the environment and your employees. Protection will extend the life of your carpet. Carpet protection protects against spills and stains.
  • When stains appear they need immediate attention, our stain cleaning works great on most commercial carpet. This cleaner is great at both slowing the spread of stains and removing stains altogether.

The Best Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial carpeting is the most common floor covering in commercial buildings and receives much more traffic than residential carpet. That is why it is important to select and install commercial carpet that fits the needs of a building. Once the carpet is installed it is dependent on maintenance and cleaning. Carpet serves as a trap for everything that is tracked inside. The most important thing to do if you want your commercial carpet to last is vacuuming. You should immediately dab up any spills. Call us after any major spills or stains. We employ IICRC certified techs, so they have the training and experience to restore the color and freshness of your commercial carpet.

Commercial carpet must be cleaned on a regular basis:

  • A clean carpet is the first step in maintaining a healthy working environment.
  • Business carpet cleaning improves your facility.
  • A clean workspace enhances your professional image.
  • Commercial steam cleaning protects your investment by extending the life of your carpeting.
  • Business carpet cleaning improves indoor air quality at your facility. We use powerful truck mounted units so that we can get your floors looking better than any other commercial carpet cleaner.
  • Our commercial carpet cleaners use more heat and pressure than other commercial carpet cleaning companies in the Valley, allowing us to remove dirt from your carpet better than anyone else.

Powerful Business Carpet Cleaning

When you partner with us you will receive the best business carpet cleaning available. We are a fully insured commercial carpet cleaner whose services include all types of cleaning. We can also provide commercial Upholstery Cleaning for your office or banquet room chairs as well as commercial Tile and Grout Cleaning.

Every work environment has high traffic areas that get very dirty. By addressing these high-traffic areas, we can provide reliable carpet cleaning efficiently. Doing this regularly will extend the life of your businesses carpet. The more often that we provide carpet cleaning the faster and easier it will be, thus saving you money in the short and long run. Our local business carpet cleaning plans are much easier for you to schedule than a one-time cleaning from other companies.

Contact Arizona Carpet Cleaning for a free estimate. Other commercial carpet cleaners could skimp on the job and leave your carpets looking dingy. We are cost efficient, we save you time and money. We create a custom commercial carpet cleaning plan for you to insure you have the best service possible. Our reputation requires us to be the best commercial carpet cleaners in the Phoenix area. You will never need a different commercial carpet cleaner.

We are providers of commercial tile and grout cleaning

Our perfected tile cleaning process uses a high-pressure hot water cleaning machine. We can even seal your grout after the clean. A grout sealing will increase the time between cleanings. Consider how many people enter your business daily. High traffic areas can be a challenge for any business. We get rid of most spot and stains. With our Commercial Tile Cleaning your floors will look great!

Business Carpet Cleaning at its Finest

You can extend the life of your floors. We will improve your carpeting with our quality business carpet cleaning services. If we find that your carpet needs some extra attention we can assist. We work to make it look brand new. While also providing more affordable commercial carpet cleaning services , we clean with more pressure and heat than any other commercial carpet cleaner.

Why should you choose us?

  • We have a state of the art business carpet cleaning truck.
  • Our technicians are trained and IICRC certified to provide commercial carpet cleaning.
  • We use a multi-step method. This allows us to get the best deep cleaning.
  • We are a local commercial carpet cleaning company.
  • We use superheated water to make sure you get the best clean.
  • We have such powerful suction that you can expect your carpet to be dry a few hours after your commercial carpet cleaning.

We provide businesses with the highest quality commercial carpet cleaning. We use the best equipment, safe cleaning agents, and have certified techs. Commercial carpets cleaned by us stay clean for longer. Do you want a healthier working environment for your employees? We have affordable commercial steam cleaning services. Please do not hesitate to call us with any questions about our commercial carpet cleaning. We will be glad to answer. Please Call (480) 737-2384.

Affordable Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We use superior equipment that allows your carpet to dry in 4-6 hours. All of our cleaning methods are nontoxic. We will NOT leave your carpets sticky or crunchy. We also provide commercial upholstery cleaning services available. Our technicians can handle the most challenging jobs. We offer commercial carpet cleaning for many businesses such as churches, hotels, theaters, department stores, schools, restaurants and even medical waiting rooms. We can handle the toughest cleaning jobs!

Businesses such as restaurants, hotels and medical offices with so much traffic need their carpet cleaned on a regular basis. We can bring your carpets back to life!

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Methods

There are two commercial carpet cleaning methods, Hot water extraction (steam) which is the industry standard and we also have a dry method called Encapsulation carpet cleaning. This is not as effective as the hot water method but works just fine for low traffic areas.

Hot-water extraction (steam)

Also known as steam cleaning, is a safe way to deep clean commercial carpeting. First, we pre-spray a commercial carpet cleaning mix on the carpet. The cleaning machine sprays hot water on the carpet at high pressure. This works best for removing dirt and odors. It will also kill germs. It is very important that we immediately extract the water.

Encapsulation carpet cleaning

This is a low moisture method that removes light stains and dirt. This method is great for places like banks. Encapsulation is environmentally friendly. As the Brush Pro works your carpet it lifts the stains from the carpet. The use of encapsulation may improve your carpet. It will help to extend life. Regular commercial carpet cleaning will help minimize the downtime that is needed.

Our system uses an advanced commercial carpet cleaning. We use dry followed by high-pressure hot water extraction which allows us to get into the carpet to deep clean below the surface. We offer the best options for commercial carpet cleaning Valley Wide! We have the best floor care equipment, using the Prochem, Brush Pro and the Versa Pro.

Commercial steam cleaning is a friendly, safe method for removing dust and other microorganisms from your floors. This type of commercial carpet cleaning requires drying time so we will typically do these cleanings at night. We offer industrial cleaning programs that can save you money. Not all commercial carpet cleaning companies are trained to deep clean your carpet. Some businesses use the incorrect cleaning agents which could leave carpets coming out crunchy.

Do you manage a hotel, restaurant or other business and need commercial carpet cleaners? Call us now to learn more about our services. We provide services to all Phoenix metro locations throughout Arizona.

We are the best Carpet Cleaners in the Phoenix area.

We pride ourselves on great work, guarantee the best results, and value each and every customer. Any size building can be serviced by our carpet cleaning professionals. Learn why we are one of the best commercial carpet cleaning providers in the Phoenix area. Our commercial carpet cleaning services ensure that your company presents itself well. Our commercial division understands that you expect quality and reliable commercial carpet cleaning. We also offer Upholstery Cleaning to businesses in the Phoenix metro area.

Carpet Cleaners that will work hard for you.

  • We have certified techs.
  • We are bonded and insured.
  • We have the highest service standard Valley wide.
  • We facilitate commercial carpet cleaning for many satisficed customers.
  • We offer our commercial customers the highest quality service.
  • We charge a competitive rate.
  • Unlike other commercial carpet cleaners, we do not outsource. We cut out the middleman.
  • We will not bring chemical odors into your building.

We can help you choose the best commercial carpet cleaning process for your business.

Give us a call for a business carpet cleaning quote today (480) 737-2384. Why should you choose us for your commercial carpet cleaning needs? We know having your business carpets cleaned can be a real pain. We make commercial carpet cleaning easy for you.

Arizona Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service Area

Commercial carpet cleaning plan

Commercial carpet needs professional service, as it is inevitable that stains will happen.  If you are on our regular maintenance plan it is normal to have us come out to clean up a spot. We want your business carpeting to look its very best every day. Clean carpets make your business look better. Our techs are trained in commercial carpet cleaning services.

  • Our first step is to remove dirt, soil and large intrusions in the carpeting.
  • The second step is a spot treatment for high traffic areas.
  • The third step is Agitation. We allow the cleaning agents to get into your carpet fibers.
  • The fourth step is our famous hot water extraction process. We rinse, condition and remove soil and excess water.

With our commercial carpet cleaning service you can always expect free estimates and guaranteed results.  On this commercial carpet cleaning plan you need a deep cleaning once per twice per year.  This will save you thousands of dollars. Arizona Carpet Cleaning is your commercial carpet cleaning expert.  We can get your facility back in shape.  Call us at (480) 737-2384 or visit our carpet cleaning home page.