We at Arizona Carpet Cleaning provide various professional cleaning services, from professional carpet cleaning services to carpet and upholstery cleaning to carpet and tile cleaning services.how do carpet cleaners az clean carpets

For our professional carpet cleaning services, specifically commercial carpeting, we have two main methods of cleaning; the hot-water extraction cleaning process and the encapsulation carpet cleaning process.

Our cleaning methods will ensure that your carpet is stain-free while looking good and smelling good. This process will ensure that your carpet will last longer while making your home or workspace look clean and stylish.

What is our carpet cleaning plan?

You can never underestimate the importance of a clean carpet in a work environment or home. Having a clean carpet will not only make your office look professional, but it will also improve indoor air quality. This is why we take our professional commercial carpet cleaning process very seriously. Our techs are trained in commercial carpet cleaning, and we follow a simple process:

Step one: Our techs will first need to remove the soil, dirt, and any large intrusions in the carpet.

Step two: We find the high-traffic areas and do a spot treatment for those areas.

Step three: During the third step, our techs will let the cleaning agents soak into the carpet fibers.

Step four: Our techs will perform the hot-water extraction process in this step. Here, they will rinse and condition the carpet. They will also get rid of any leftover soil and extra water.

What is hot-water extraction cleaning?

Hot-water extraction cleaning is also called steam cleaning. This process is one of the safest ways to deep clean commercial carpeting.

The first step involves our techs pre-spraying a commercial carpet cleaning mix on the carpet. Our cleaning machines will spray hot water onto the carpet at high pressure.

This process is best for getting rid of dirt and bad smells. Then it’s essential that our techs immediately extract the hot water.

How is hot-water extraction different from steam cleaning?

The main difference between hot-water extraction and steam-cleaning carpets is that steam is used instead of hot water. The water will need to be boiled and allowed to vaporize into steam.

With certain stains, the steam might even make the stains set in. Sometimes, when a cleaning agent is used, the steam that cleans the carpets won’t provide the deep and thorough rinse that hot water would.

Benefits of hot water extraction carpet cleaning

Provides a deep clean

Most manufacturers will recommend that carpet cleaners use the hot-water extraction process to provide a deeper and more thorough clean. Other carpet cleaning methods will only clean the surface of the carpet and not give a deep cleaning of the fabric.

So it’s important to remember that looks can be deceiving. Even if your carpet looks clean, dirt can still be hidden below the surface. A filthy carpet won’t last as long as a clean carpet.

There are other benefits to the hot-water extraction carpet cleaning method. These additional benefits include removing deep-rooted stains, smells, and foul odors.

Safe for the environment

In our hot-water extraction cleaning process, there isn’t a need for any toxic cleaning agents. Other professional carpet cleaning methods will involve harsh cleaning agents and detergents.

In some cases, these carpet cleaning methods will harm the people who use harmful cleaning detergents. The hot water extraction process is environmentally conscious. It eliminates your carpets’ dust, germs, and allergens without harming others.

Keeps carpets residue-free

When carpets are professionally cleaned, some residue will be left behind. There’s also a chance that you won’t be able to get rid of a strong odor from the cleaning detergents used.

The hot-extraction carpet cleaning method will leave your carpet virtually residue-free without needing harmful detergents.

What is encapsulation carpet cleaning?

The encapsulation carpet cleaning is low moisture and an environmentally friendly method that can eliminate dirt and light stains. We recommend that this method is used to clean carpets in banks. While our Brush Pro works through your carpet, it will lift off the stains.

The encapsulation method will improve the look of your carpet and extend its life. If this method is used regularly, it will reduce the downtime needed for professional carpet cleaning.

Benefits of the encapsulation carpet cleaning

Quick drying time

With the encapsulation carpet cleaning method, the carpets don’t need to be soaked with water. As we mentioned, this is a low-moisture method where the carpet can dry in approximately 30 minutes. This means that there will be less downtime in working environments. Our cleaning techs will be able to work quickly and efficiently to professionally clean large areas.

No wicking

Wicking happens after stains are treated with water and cleaners. When the water evaporates, the soil at the bottom of the carpet will move to the surface, resulting in the stain showing again.

The encapsulation carpet cleaning process avoids this issue because it doesn’t oversaturate the carpet fibers. The process also traps the dirt in the polymers that will later be vacuumed away.

Improves your carpet’s look

One of the main benefits of the encapsulation cleaning method is that it will improve your carpet’s overall look and last longer. Regular professional carpet cleaning will get rid of dirt embedded in the fabric. It will also prevent any sticky residue from building up and attracting more dirt to your carpet.

Final thoughts

At Arizona Carpet Cleaning, we know how important it is to have a clean carpet in your home or working environment. Whether your residential or commercial carpet needs cleaning, no job is too big or too small. We clean it all.