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Carpet Cleaning Phoenix


If you are looking for a great carpet cleaning company in Phoenix, Az you have came to the right place. We are Arizona Carpet Cleaning and we stand by our work! No other Phoenix carpet cleaning company can compare to the value that we offer.

Now you are probably thinking, ya right, that’s what everybody says. Well folks, you don’t have to take my word for it, I can prove it! As you continue to read on below you will learn all about our company, what we stand for, the equipment that we use, Our Carpet Cleaning Prices, and so much more. You will also find some of the reviews that our customers have written about us as well as links to our Yelp, BBB and other review sources.


No Gimmicks Here – Flat Rate Pricing for all Phoenix Carpet Cleaning Services.

We charge flat rate pricing for carpet cleaning in Phoenix. There are No Hidden Fees, trip charges or upcharges when you book with Arizona Carpet Cleaning. You won’t find us using any pushy sales tactics – we don’t believe in upselling. We feel that it is our ethical duty to offer fair and upfront prices. Nobody likes to have to haggle and be sold something that should come with the price. We know that customers want to know how much they are paying and exactly what they are getting. The price that we quote you is the price that we charge and that’s Final!

Carpet Cleaning Phoenix – Satisfaction is Guaranteed

In addition to all of that great information, we also provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.   If for some reason you at not ecstatic about the carpet cleaning that we provided, let us know. We will always make it right. We are the kind of company that knows our customers are our most valuable resource. A happy customer will tell their friends and family about us. We want to be the last carpet cleaner that you ever have to search for. Once you have a carpet cleaner that stands behind their work, and charges affordable prices you why would you ever look for a different one? You wouldn’t and we know that. That’s how we know that the cost of doing the job right is significantly less that the value of a customer for life.


Have any Carpet Cleaning Phoenix Questions? Ready to Schedule an Appointment?

Our telephone number is (480) 737-2384. Give us a call. We can answer all our your questions and book an appointment for you.


Learn About Arizona Carpet Cleaning in Phoenix

Want to know more about us as a company? Well, here ya go… Two long time friends founded Arizona Carpet Cleaning. Our founders have known and worked together the vast majority of their adult lives. This puts them in a unique position to work together extremely efficiently.  Together, through their hard work and dedication to exemplary customer service, they have grown Arizona Carpet Cleaning into a business that supports many families. We treat our employees and their families as if they were a part of our own family. We believe that happy employees equal happy customers.


We started off with 1 old van and used equipment. This we mistakenly thought was the best “low-cost” way to get into the carpet cleaning business in Phoenix. We quickly learned that used equipment is being sold for a reason. We now only buy new top of the line equipment. We learned that if we want to succeed we needed to provide the best possible carpet cleaning. We could not do that without having the best equipment.


We are Growing!

Initially it was just the owners out there cleaning. We have slowly grown from hiring the 1st employee to now, we have several technicians and support staff. Thanks to our wonderful customers and their referrals we are always growing. Sometimes we get so busy that we have to turn away new customers. We are working to resolve that problem by constantly hiring new team members and growing our fleet at a rapid but sustainable rate. There are millions of people that need carpet cleaning in the Phoenix metro. We want to be able to serve them all.


What Equipment Will Be Used at Your Phoenix Carpet Cleaning Appointment?

I mentioned earlier that we now use top of the line equipment. You probably want to know exactly what that means.  Some Phoenix carpet cleaners use sub-standard and outdated tools. Not us. Everything from our truck-mount down to our cleaning tools are the latest and greatest in carpet cleaning technology.

Most carpet cleaners in Phoenix use a tool that is called a wand. This is the grey metal vacuum looking thingy. It works by squirting water out of 2 – 6 (usually 2) spray jets and then sucking the water up through a single vacuum port. Generally speaking a carpet cleaning tech that uses a wand will pass over each area of carpet 1.5 times. This is typical we you see the “pretty triangles” drawn in your carpet. The reason that the are triangles is because the technician is going as fast as he can and not completely covering each area with multiples passes. Triangles are great at hiding dirt but not so great at getting the dirt out.

Just Say No – … to the Carpet Cleaning Wand!

We don’t use a wand! Instead we have turned to technological advances in carpet cleaning. We know use a specialized tool called a Rotovac. This is a rotary jet steam extraction tool. Right about now you are probably wondering what the heck is a rotary jet steam extraction tool? Well, let me tell you.

The Rotovac 360i Carpet Cleaning Tool

The Rotovac 360i that we use has a “rotary” spinning head. It travels at several hundred RPM. This allows us to go over each and every spot of carpet many, many times. The Rotovac uses 3 medium pressure steam jets to evenly distribute water superheated to 230 degrees. The hot water not only helps extract dirt during the carpet cleaning but it also is hot enough to kill germs, allergens and bacteria. The Rotovac has three vacuum ports to ensure evenly disturbed suction for the water extraction process. These vacuum ports also act as agitators, gently scrubbing the carpet to release any stubborn dirt. The way that we use this tool allows for maximum cleaning as well as maximum drying. We have reduced drying times significantly by using the Rotovac for all of our Phoenix carpet cleaning jobs.


What Truck-Mount Do We Use for All Carpet Cleaning in Phoenix?

The truck mount that we use is one of the most powerful units available to professional carpet cleaning companies today.   It is called the ProChem Everest 650. This truck-mount is twice as powerful as the average truck mount that most carpet cleaning Phoenix companies use. It provides excellent heat, pressure and vacuum suction.   One of the other benefits of this carpet cleaning truck-mount in particular is that instead of a “lawn mower” motor it uses a Hyundai Elantra motor. This provides us with two benefits. Number 1, it is much quieter than all other truck-mounts. Number 2 it is more fuel efficient that the typical truck mount that you will find when you are searching for carpet cleaning Phoenix companies.


Have a specific about our carpet cleaning equipment?

Just give us a call. Our telephone number is (480) 737-2384.


Our Process for Carpet Cleaning Phoenix

We always provide a deep carpet cleaning each time that we provide service in a home. This means that we will use equipment and shampoos that will get the most dirt out of your carpeting. Some of the “other guys” just do a light topical cleaning, not us! We want you to be happy with how clean your carpet is, why on earth would we want to offer a “less-clean” option!

Because we are a Flat-Rate Phoenix carpet cleaner all of the treatments and cleaning agents are included in our service. We won’t nickel and dime you over every little spot and technique. We always include a pre-spray and spot treatment at no additional charge. We even include a PH neutralizing rinse to make sure that your carpets are soft and fluffy and that we leave Zero Residue on your carpets.

We always use a multi-step carpet cleaning process to ensure that you have the cleanest carpets in Phoenix. Read on below to see the outline of our step by step process.


Step #1: We pre-vacuum up any large dirt or debris that would be to big for our machine to clean up.

Step #2: We apply a safe and simple carpet cleaning pre-treatment (soap) to all of your carpet.

Step #3: We apply a spot treatment to heavy traffic areas and all stains.

Step #4: We apply an orange citrus deodorant to make your newly cleaned carpet smell clean and fresh.

Step #5: We use the Rotovac to facilitate your carpet cleaning. During this process we steam clean the carpet, scrub the carpet and extract all the dirty water back out to our truck.

Step #6: We apply a PH neutral rise to the carpet.

Step #7: We do a second “dry pass” to extract any remaining water out of your carpeting.


As you can see from the guide above, we really go above and beyond when it comes to carpet cleaning Phoenix. Many of our competitors will charge you for each and every step. At Arizona Carpet Cleaning, we don’t want you to be frustrated, that is why we include it all in our low flat-rate Phoenix carpet cleaning price.

Learn About our Phoenix Carpet Cleaning Employees

At Arizona Carpet Cleaning we know that don’t let just anybody into your home. We take great lengths to ensure that the carpet-cleaning technicians that we send into your Phoenix home are good representatives of our company and the values that we stand for.

We drug test all of our employees. An employee that is in drugs is not an employee that works for Arizona Carpet Cleaning. Whether it is driving one of our carpet cleaning Phoenix trucks or meticulously cleaning your floor, we require that our employees be at their best.

All of our carpet cleaners will show up to your home dressed in our company uniform. We expect our techs to dress to impress. We do not allow our employees to look unruly. The people that work for us share the same passion for customer service as the owners. You won’t be disappointed with our staff.

Curious when the next available appointment for one of our carpet cleaning Phoenix techs to come clean your home is?

Why not give us a call? We can be reached at (480) 737-2384. We are happy to answer your questions and figure out the best time to have one of our highly skilled technicians work in your home.

Want to See Our Carpet Cleaning Phoenix Reviews?

So far I have told you all about us. And that’s great but you probably would like to hear what some of our actual customers are saying. We always do our best to service our carpet cleaning Phoenix customers and they don’t hesitate to share their opinions with use. Below are some of the nice things that our customers have said to use. We also included some links to our BBB A+ rating page and Yelp reviews page.



Check out our carpet cleaning Phoenix reviews on Yelp.


Here you can view our Better Business Bureau Page. We maintain a prestigious BBB A+ Rating.


See Our Phoenix Carpet Cleaning Work.

I could imagine that if I were looking to hire a carpet cleaner in Phoenix that I would want to see some examples of the companies work. Well I am here to provide just that for you, our valued customer.   All of these before and carpet pictures are of real customers homes that we have provided carpet cleaning in Phoenix for.   You can expect the same type of results when you hire us to be your Phoenix carpet cleaner.

(480) 737-2384 is the only number that you need to call when you need a great carpet cleaning Phoenix service.

We Also Do Upholstery Cleaning and Tile and Grout Cleaning in Phoenix.

By now you know that the name of our company is Arizona Carpet Cleaning and you know that we provide one of the best carpet cleaning Phoenix services but did you know that there are other services that we can provide while we are at your home?

Yup, that’s right we do more than just carpet cleaning. We also proudly offer upholstery cleaning as well as tile and grout cleaning. Both of these services come with all of the same great guarantees and quality of work. We still use the best tools and the same technician that cleans your carpets can also clean your upholstery or tile and grout.

If your grout lines are dirtier in some spots than others it is probably time to schedule a Phoenix grout cleaning appointment.   We use a high-pressure hot water tool to gently remove any grime and grit that has attached itself to your grout lines. This tool won’t scratch your tile, it uses the power of super heated water to scrub away all the stains. After having us be your grout doctor your tile will look almost as good as new.

Phoenix Grout Sealing Service

After we have performed a professional tile and grout cleaning in your home you will have the option to get your grout lines sealed. We use a commercial grade water based grout sealer. It is perfectly safe and dries quickly. When you purchase a grout sealing it will help repel spills and stains thereby allowing for more time in-between grout cleanings.

We Provide Carpet Cleaning in the Entire Phoenix Metro Area.

Not only are we the best choice for your carpet cleaning Phoenix job, we also serve all Phoenix metro cities. We can provide carpet cleaning in Mesa, Chandler and Gilbert as well as Scottsdale, Glendale and the entire west valley. We even service the far east valley cities of Queen Creek and San Tan Valley and on the west side Sun City and Goodyear. If you live in the valley of the sun we can take care of you! To book a Phoenix carpet cleaning appointment for anywhere in the Arizona central valley all you need to do is call (480) 737-2384.


What about our carpet cleaning Phoenix competitors?

We have told you pretty much everything about ourselves but it sure wouldn’t be fair to not even mention the other carpet cleaners out there.

Most carpet cleaning companies in Phoenix use a standard wand to clean your carpet. As you can image a wand doesn’t provide nearly the clean that the Rotovac does. Now it is true that there are some other companies here in phoenix that also clean with a Rotovac but the vast majority clean with a wand. You might be surprised to recognize some of the big names out there that still clean with a wand. Coit, Zerorez and Stanley Steemer all use a traditional wand. Some of the smaller companies like Arizona Carpet Care and Coyote Carpet Cleaning also clean with a wand. Some companies, such as Shaggy’s Carpet Cleaning do have the option to clean with a Rotovac but they have the nerve to charge the customer extra. We use the Rotovac ONLY! There is never an up charge when you hire Arizona Carpet Cleaning.

Beware of Shady Phoenix Carpet Cleaning Companies

Unfortunately the Phoenix carpet cleaning market has a lot of fly-by-night operators. There are several 1 or 2 man crews that use bait and switch tactics.   They will quote you a low price over the phone and then hit you with all types of up-charges, hidden fees, gratuities and even taxes. Just so you know the State of Arizona does not have any sales taxes for services. Any Phoenix carpet cleaning company that is trying to charge you sales tax is committing fraud! I advise that you always demand a complete price over the phone before you agree to an appointment with any carpet cleaner. If they are not willing to give you an honest price over the phone, you have to wonder why? Could it be that they are going to be shady and try to up the price once they are already in your home. If one of these shady cleaners is in your home and tries to change the price on you, you should send them packing. Bait and switch is illegal in Arizona and they cannot charge you a cancelation fee if they try to change the agreed upon terms. You can even go as far to report these scammers to the Arizona Attorney General.   At Arizona Carpet Cleaning we use flat-rate pricing. We will never come into your home and try to sell you things that you don’t need. Our price includes it all!

Phoenix Carpet Cleaning

We clean carpets in Phoenix, AZ.  We service the entire city of Phoenix.  Certain west valley areas of Phoenix may incur a charge.  Call us for details.  We have many Phoenix carpet cleaning customers.  If your home is in need of a good Phoenix carpet cleaning call us.  We can give you a free quote for tile cleaning or upholstery cleaning.   We even have a package where we will clean your RV at a discounted rate.  We offer commercial carpet cleaning in Phoenix Az.  We clean the carpets of various office, retail and commercial buildings.  We work with several real estate companies in the Phoenix area.  Restaurants are no problem.  We have high powered steam cleaning equipment that will extract dirt and grease from your restaurant.  Arizona Carpet Cleaning is the trusted name for Phoenix carpet cleaning.

Do I Need Phoenix Carpet Cleaning in My Home?

The short answer is yes.  Almost everyone could use a good Phoenix carpet cleaning.  Some homes more than others.  A home with only 2 people will need a phoenix carpet cleaning less often.  Families need their carpet done more.  A quality carpet protector can help.  We use a product made by Dupont.  It costs a little extra but saves you money in the long game.  It is good to get any stains cleaned as soon as they happen.  Don’t let a stain ruin your carpet.  Ask us about free stain removal for Phoenix carpet cleaning customers and our carpet cleaning Mesa Az facts.

Some interesting things about the City of Phoenix:

Phoenix has not always been the state capitol, it used to be Prescott.

It is the sixth largest city in the United States.

Phoenix gets more sunshine than any other major metro area in the US.

There are over 200 golf courses in Phoenix.

South Mountain Park is the largest Park in all of North America, even bigger than Central Park in New York.

Visit the City of Phoenix official website.


We goto to the following zip codes to do Phoenix carpet cleaning jobs:

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