When dealing with soiled carpets, professional carpet cleaners typically employ several techniques. However, these different techniques are utilized for the same reason, to get your carpeting looking it’s very best. Although every technique has benefits and drawbacks, they all share five fundamental cleaning principles that are achieved in the process while are: dry soil removal, soil suspension, extraction, grooming, and drying.

Dry Soil Removal

Dry vacuuming is thought to be able to remove 80% of all carpet dirt. Hence, the carpet should be properly vacuumed before beginning any cleaning process. This will give us a fresh start by getting the bulk of the loose dirt that is on the surface of the carpeting. This is often done with a (HEPA) vacuum cleaner to ensure the dirt particles aren’t thrown into the air. Remember that our professional cleaners are more knowledgeable about the best technology to use and how and where soils accumulate in carpets. Preparing the nap and dry vacuuming are included in the dry soil removal phase.

Soil Suspension

The primary goal of soil suspension is separating water-soluble, oily soils and fine particles from fiber surfaces. During this time, it holds this mixture in suspension while the dirt is removed from the mixture.

The four things that occur during soil suspension are:

Chemical action: Using solvents, builders, and detergents carefully is important. The chemicals may harm the carpet fibers if the correct dilatation ratio is not used.
Increased temperature – Heat makes cleaning faster and more effective than cold water because it causes water molecules to move more quickly at higher temperatures.
Time – Cleaning results are improved the longer cleaning agents are in contact with the soil.
Mechanical or hand agitation -allows for more even distribution of cleaning supplies. As a result, the carpet’s dirt suspension is improved.


The time has come to extract any leftover suspended soils from the carpet once the dry dirt has been removed. Steam cleaning or hot water extraction is the best approach for removing soil. This procedure is ideal for dealing with significant buildups of oil, grease, and soil because it can remove more than 95% of the dirt and bacteria from the carpet.


Removing soil isn’t the focus of the grooming process. Yet it does assist with the drying process, which comes after. The carpet is groomed to prevent matting and uneven wear and improve evaporation. This, in return, shortens the drying time. Long-term, it really helps the carpet perform better and lasts longer.


A vital part of the cleaning process is drying. Due to the potential for serious issues, this phase cannot last longer than 24 hours. The dampness might harm the carpet’s fibers if it is not thoroughly dried. Mold and mildew grow well on moist surfaces like wet carpets, which is why drying is so important. For carpet, six to eight hours should be the perfect drying period.

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