The dos and don'ts of carpet stain removal

Kids, when you live with them, you understand they are not the cleanest creatures. They are one great reason we are so busy! Kids and teenagers love special drinks, from fruit punch and juices to various sodas. While you have probably told them multiple times not to take colored drinks on the carpet, we know they don’t always remember.

Soon they are playing video games with their friends, with said drinks on the end table, only to be knocked off. They might bicker over who is going to tell mom first. But, the ultimate issue here is who will get that stain out? The colored dye can be next to impossible to remove. Furthermore, if the colored liquid is left too long, it will sink deep into the padding. When your carpeting has gotten a colored liquid on it, the first thing you need to do is clean it up, but how? Let’s go over just that now!

Blot!! Blot!! Blot!!

First, most people are ready to grab the nearest towel and start rubbing it back and forth to get the liquid up. But, this could be detrimental to your efforts of working on not staining the carpet. You push the stain deeper and more into the fibers when you rub. It is always recommended that you blot.

Finding a nice thirsty paper towel will be your best friend. Remember that you also don’t want to find a soft and fluffy towel from a laundry softener, as those will absorb slowly. The idea is to soak up as much of the liquid as possible off from the top surface of the carpeting before it has a chance to sink in.

Start blotting the stain with a soft cloth or paper towel. Refrain from starting to scrub frantically. The idea is to soak up as much liquid as possible. Scrubbing or rubbing the stain will spread it further. Instead, lightly dab the spot with a cloth or towel. Continue until most of the liquid is absorbed using fresh, dry paper towels or rags.

AVOID Using Water

The best approach to remove any stain is with soap and water.


Water will cause damage to some carpets and upholstery, making the stain look worse than it does. Furthermore, it can rehydrate the liquid, causing it to run and make a larger problem.

Steam cleaning carpets is great for everyday dirt, but when heated water is added to a liquid stain, this could cause the stain to spread and run. Therefore, you should avoid steam cleaning carpets when a stain needs clearing up first.

AVOID Using a Stain Remover.

Chemicals combined with damp stains can harm the carpet or rug, regardless of whether the stain remover is created with common household ingredients or comes premade from the store.

While white vinegar is a great option for cleaning the grout on your tile floors, it shouldn’t be used in the case of a carpet stain. Club soda, stain removers, and baking soda are other common products that people use to get stains out of clothing, but they shouldn’t be used on carpeting. These products can cause more damage to the carpet itself.

Even “carpet cleaners” can spread the stain, worsening things. The best thing to do is to call on experts such as Arizona Carpet Cleaning at 480-7372384.

DO Contact a Specialist

Professional carpet cleaning experts, such as Arizona Carpet Cleaning, have the expertise, resources, and know-how to eliminate any stain from any surface. We, experts, can get a wet stain out even after it has dried. We have specialized industrial equipment, proper cleaning solutions, knowledge, and a proven track record. So don’t try to clean the stain yourself!

However, if you did try to clean it yourself before finding our page, we understand. Our experts can assist you with that little mess as well. No worries, we will keep it between us and not tell the kids. Sometimes we all try to do what we think is best at the moment, to find what might not have been the best idea.

While we all hope not to have to call on the professionals for this situation, it is your best alternative. Our teams have worked on various flooring options and are proud to offer professional carpet and tile cleaning services to help our clients get even the toughest stains out. So call 480-737-2384 today to get started.