Arizona Carpet Cleaning offers affordable, professional tile cleaning around the Phoenix area including Chandler, Gilbert , Mesa, and Scottsdale. It is important to maintain your tile and grout. Regular tile cleaning will help keep your tile in its best shape. Tiny pores and minor cracks in the grout are homes to microscopic germs and bacteria. Our professional tile cleaning service will completely clean and sanitize your floor.

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We offer provide high quality tile and grout cleaning.



We can seal your grout after we clean it.

We are an IICRC Certified Tile and Grout Cleaning company.

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Professional Tile Cleaning Services

To maintain a clean and healthy kitchen or bathroom, it is important to have a tile and grout cleaning done on a regular basis. Our tile cleaning machine heats the water that we treat your floors with to 230 degrees. This extreme heat will kill any bacteria, allergens or germs hiding in your tile and grout.

Arizona Carpet Cleaning offers high-pressure tile cleaning. Our tile cleaning trucks have hot water tile and grout cleaning machines. We pre-scrub your grout lines with a special grout cleaning solution. We then begin our steam treatment. After our treatment is complete you can expect to have more vibrant clean tile. Once the tile cleaning is complete, we offer an optional grout sealant that will help keep your tile and grout clean and germ-free.

Tile is a very popular floor type which tends to be durable, easy to maintain, and is very pleasing to the eye. As with most floors, tile can get very dirty, especially the grout. People and pets are consistently bringing pollutants onto your tile floor. Over time grime, spills, and dirt will take their toll on your tile and grout. Once your floor is looking dingy it is time to call a professional tile cleaning company.

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Professional Tile Cleaning

Arizona Carpet Cleaning is your best choice when needing professional tile cleaning

Conventional tile cleaning methods will not remove the microbial bugs that have accumulated in your grout. Only a professional tile cleaning company can remove these problems.

  • We use the highest quality equipment with an experienced crew.
  • We use the best cleaning practices.
  • We can bring your floors back to their original style. They will look just like when they were new.
  • We offer grout restoration services. We can get most grout cleaning done no matter how dirty. (If it has been years since you have had grout cleaning done, your grout has gathered dirt, grime, and germs.)
  • We’ve got the best tile cleaning agents.
  • We use a great hot water cleaning technology that will help to loosen the dirt and clean it. (It works the same way we do carpet cleaning)
  • We do each tile and grout cleaning job with all the best deodorization and disinfectants. They will definitely make your home feel, smell, and look new.

If your tile has taken a beating over the years, please consider us for tile cleaning. Give Arizona Carpet Cleaning a call today and get fast help from our professional crew. We are standing by ready to send a crew to your doors for a complete inspection and cost estimate.